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When you dine at Once Upon a Table, you’ll not only enjoy a delicious meal prepared with ingredients at the peak of freshness, you’ll also be supporting the local farmers and small business owners we purchase from. 


Once Upon a Table builds our menu based on the seasonal ingredients that are available from our local suppliers. This means the menu changes often, and we only prepare a select number of dishes each day.

We do our utmost to provide all of our guests with a meal they’ll enjoy–no matter their dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences.

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Our kitchen is capable, but small, so we set aside a minimum of 2 hours for all reservations; longer for parties of 6 or more.

We don't like to turn people away, so reservations are strongly recommended—especially in busy summer months!

Once Upon a Table located in a historic building. While we do our best to be accessible, our only restrooms are up a set of steep and winding stairs.

Exterior shot of the front windows of Once Upon a Table from across the Mews
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For reservations of 6+ people, please call us at 413-298-3870. Due to our size, we can rarely fit more than one party of this size at a time, so we recommend calling at least 2 weeks in advance. At this time, we are unable to split checks between more than 4 cards; please plan accordingly.

For parties of 10 or more we typically offer a customized prix-fixe menu, starting with soup or salad, followed by your selected entrée, and concluding with a dessert selection from  our chef. Your guests may order coffee, tea, and additional starters a la carte. As always, please inform us if anyone in your party has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

We also host private parties of up to 30 people. The whole restaurant can be yours for a two hour block during certain hours (partial rental) or for the entire evening (full rental). Complete our private party inquiry form to get started.

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A long-time waitress at Once Upon a Table, Avie Maloney purchased the restaurant from its original owners at the end of 2021. After a brief closure for updates, Avie reopened Once Upon a Table in April of 2022 with a refreshed look and close relationships with local organic farmers, producers and small businesses.

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